12 Principles of Animation App Phototype

type: Senior Project
current status: working in progress

Problem Statement:

Computer Graphic Technology (CGT); students need to know the 12 principles of animation for their animation courses. Students must understand that the principles play a key part when capturing the audience’s attention. It helps them understand the plot of the story. The 12 principles are especially important for all animation projects you will do in college and your career. Video games and the movie industry follow the 12 principles of animation because it helps the audience understand the storyline's plot.

Inherently, Computer Graphics Technology is a visual discipline, and the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is quite true in the context of this study. Students will benefit from having versional resources because not all students can learn from a textbook. Some students sometimes cannot grasp the materials just from reading. They need that extra resource to help understand these principles.

The goal is to create an app to help students understand the 12 principles of Animation.

Proposed solution:

· I have information on the home page that tells the students who created the 12 Principles and a little background on how they are important.

· This application is going to be Bilingual (English & Spanish).

· I add voice-over and text-over for students that need to read, listen, and/or see the video clips at the same time.

· I added a quiz at the end to see if students understand these principles.

· The color scheme I chose is within the color blindness law, so these colors are visible for students that are color blind.


English Version

Spanish Version

Solved the Problem:

· Created videos on what the principle is.

· Create a flowchart.

· Create a wireframe.

· Edit videos.

· Add voice and text over.

· Create low fidelity.

· Create high-fidelity.

· Add interaction.

Autodesk 3DS Max
Creating Animation Clip
a blockchaik diagram of a computer application
a blockchaik diagram of a computer application
Flow Chart
Axure RP 10
Camtasia 2022
Editing Videos by adding Voice and Text Over
a video game with a red button on the screen
a video game with a red button on the screen
What I Learned
I learned that I had to understand the different disability laws when it comes to designing an application for educational purposes. I also learned that I can always do more to improve this application’s appeal look better. There is always room for improvement.

Creating an animation to help explain the 12 principles of animation can benefit students that are visual learners to excel in their animation courses and careers