I Just Pedal Cycle Studio Mobile Website Phototype

type: Semester project


Their application isn’t color friendly for all users. After logging into your account, it still shows options to “Login” or “Create Account” on the top of the website which is unnecessary if you are already logged in. I noticed that some of the buttons are clickable buttons don’t work all the time. When picking your bike. The spots are really small, and you can pick the wrong stop by accident. On the homepage, the users should be able to reserve a spot for my classes and not have 6 to 7 steps to get to my end goal.

Original website: https://justpedalcycle.com/

Proposed solution:

I am going to use the old logo which was black and changed the background color. I am putting the most important information on the home page. This way it is easier for the users. I am putting the option to reserve your spot on the home page. This way you don’t have to take serval steps to reserve your spot. I also want to add the most popular pricing package to the home page with a clickable link that can take you to the rest of the packages they offer.

Axure XP 10
Solved the problem:

I looked up the different logos they used in the past. I decided to use the black and white logo because it is neutral for users with color blindness. I also changed the color of the website itself to a more neutral based color with a deep pink as an accent color. It’s still fun and exciting. I also changed the home page layout because I wanted the more important information to be first. I wanted to make the user experience more efficient.

Challenges I faced.

At first, I tried to make the designs close to the original design in some aspects. I learned that can’t always work because the layout needed to be changed so it will benefit the users.

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator

I learned that it’s hard to make a user-friendly website that can accommodate everyone. I had a hard time picking colors because I wanted to follow the color blindness guidelines.