Self-Publishing Book Website

type: Semester project

The goal of this Website:

Write and edit the book.

Create a cover page.

Add and edit pictures.

Create pricing.


Being able to look at old published books and accounts.

Being able to get a publication manager.

Proposed solution:

First-time users:

Create an account.

Help navigate and see examples of how to use this platform.

Make it easy to write and edit their book.

Help give examples of cover pages based on the material in their book.

Make sure the user can use any device to continue where they left off when they are writing their book.

Make it easy to access your book by clicking on the title to continue writing if you have multiple books going at one time.

Helpful tools and tips when creating a new book.

Experience users:

Log in.

Have the published book titles on the home page and see the profits you are making from them next to it.

Create a new book.

Sales Report

Adobe Photoshop

Solved the Problem:


Published Books

Manage book sales.

Profits by web/book bound.

Create New Books

Cover page

Write book.


Write a dedication page.

Publish book.

Sales (pricing)

Sales Reports & Tips

How much did each book cost?

How much does each book make?

Web vs book bound.

Author's Tools

Book cover design basic

Steps to self-publishing

How to price your book

How to write sales copy

Book metadata basic

Publish Manager

Search by State

By genre

Price range



Challenges I faced:

The challenge I faced was coming up with the layout. I wanted the layout to be easy for beginning users but not too plain for experienced users. I had a hard time figuring out how I wanted the flow to go and make it make sense to the users

What I learned:

I learned that less is more. Having too much in the application makes it harder to navigate. I also learned I needed to create it for first-time and experienced users.